My reading with Alison was amazing. Having never used Skype before I was a little uncertain of how it would all work but these worries dissolved the moment we connected. Alison’s ability to intuitively connect ‘random’ messages from spirit was unbelievable. Before my divorce hearing I had to travel about 500km. I was nervous and anxious about what would happen and if things would be ok. I asked please Anthea (my sister in spirit) I need to know things are going to work out. I had literally been dragged through hell and back for 3 years leading up to the hearing and felt I physically and mentally couldn’t do anymore. I prayed I needed a sign.

About 5km down the road I looked up and here staring straight in front of me was an actual sign that read ‘life’s peachy in forbes’ (my destination) for me, I knew this was her way of saying it will be ok. The hearing finally freed me. From this time onwards I have not been able to get enough of peachy, peach or peaches. Actually just recently bought a nail polish called ‘life’s a peach’ (purely for the name). In the reading Alison said i just get the message that the word Peachy peach or peaches is significant. I don’t actually think she could have reaffirmed a stronger message from spirit for me. There were so many of these little messages all the way through the reading - and others that are still to come. Miss you everyday my beautiful sister and thank you Alison for being the conduit for me to be able verify my own connection with her. Love your work xoxo