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  "There's No Such Thing as Ghosts"

A picture of meAs a child I was quiet and I often felt alone, trying to cope with a psychic gift that I didn't understand. When I was growing up, I experienced many supernatural things that I couldn't explain. I now understand, and share with you what I know and have learnt.

My full name is Alison Wynne-Ryder but you may also know me as 'The Quirky Medium' which is the title of my Award Winning Book - available from Amazon and for which I was nominated for The Peoples Book Prize. I was also over the moon to be nominated for The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards for which I was a Silver Medalist.

I was born into an ordinary working class family in Runcorn, Cheshire, UK. I was a quiet child (hard to believe now I know!) and I often felt alone, trying to cope with a psychic gift that I didn't understand. When I was growing up, I experienced many supernatural things that I couldn't explain and I had no-one to go to for help as my Mum always said that there's no such thing as ghosts. I am a Clairvoyant Medium of international fame bringing comfort and guidance to my clients worldwide. My first book ‘The Quirky Medium' is receiving excellent reviews globally. I have been awarded a Silver Winner's certificate in the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards and was a runner up in the People's Book Prize awards. In 'The Quirky Medium' which describes me to a tee! I share the astonishing story of my life as a Medium and co-host on the popular reality TV Show Rescue Mediums with candour and humour.

Picture showing My daughter Lauren & I

My daughter Lauren and I

I am an Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher ES M 1013. Working with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring the highest form of healing to my clients whether attuning/teaching Angelic Reiki or during a healing session. Please see my page Reiki Healing. I am an Angel Tutor, and I am accredited in Angel Magic/Mantric Arts as well as having achieved certification in Angel Harmonic Healing. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and love of the angels with others through my popular workshops which have been held in Canada, Spain and the UK. There are more workshops coming up soon. Please see the home page for further information. In addition to this I am an Angelic Reiki Practitioner working with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring the highest form of healing to my clients. Please see the page 'Angelic Reiki' for further information. My work has been featured in the National Press such as this article I wrote for The Sun Newspaper titled THAT'S THE SPIRIT Here are eight spooky signs that your house might be haunted… and what to do if it is. I have also written a regular column for the Local Press such as The Costa Blanca People. My articles & interviews have appeared in magazines including The Psychic News, Spirit & Destiny, Chat Magazine, Woman’s Own, Stylist Magazine, Stylist Magazine and The Magical Times.  I have hosted and guested on numerous radio stations and appeared on Rogers TV Toronto, Canada. I have 1 daughter Lauren who has given me 3 beautiful Grand-daughters Olivia, Madeleine and Alexandra. I currently live in the Costa Blanca region of Spain with my husband John, cats Tara and Celeste and our rescue pup; Ella who you can follow on Instagram @ #Ellapupdog.

I particularly enjoy sitting in the sunshine having a cheers to the Universe with a nice glass of vino in my hand!

Picture of Alison with a glass of wine



  Events & Workshops

I have held Workshops and Psychic Events in the UK, Canada and at home in Spain. You will find all of these events on the calendar on my home page as well as a list of upcoming events each of which is linked to a details page. Many of the workshops are held locally though some are occasionally further afield, healing and readings are carried out from my magical haven 'The Lighthouse Healing Sanctuary'. Each of these are also advertised on Twitter. You can follow me using the links at the head of the page. Here are some photograph's of recent Angel Workshops and my Spiritual Development Course.


My hobbies are finding new places of interest especially those with beautiful spiritual architecture, meditating on the beach, swimming, nature walks with my dog, spending quality time with my family, visits to the theatre, giggles with friends, reading, writing, teaching, and of course spreading the light of the angels whenever and wherever I can. Finally, I enjoy sitting on my swing on our roof terrace in the beautiful Spanish sunshine having a cheers to the Universe with glass of vino tinto in hand! 

  Teaching Others

It is my belief that no-one is an 'expert' in any particular area - as human beings we continue to learn, grow and evolve. My knowledge of the angels is a combination of personal experience and intense learning and research for all of the courses that I have undertaken during my own spiritual journey.

  From Resource Manager to Star of the 'Rescue Mediums' TV Show

As I grew up, I slowly learnt more and more about the esoteric world. I came to rely on the angels and they really did help me through some truly difficult times in my life. As my psychic abilities developed I came to realise that I could use my gifts to help and inspire others. My big chance came when I was given the opportunity to co-host the popular Canadian TV Show: Rescue Mediums.

If you've seen the show, you'll have had shivers down the spine as my co-host Jackie and I go into haunted properties and work out who is haunting the property via clues given by our Spirit Guides through psychic premonitions & psychic art (giggle)  I can't draw!