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The full moon is attributed to the cycle of life, healing, love and fertility. It is a natural bringer of magic as well as having been revered for centuries throughout the world.


"And then the moon like to a silver bow new-bent in heaven, shall behold the night of our solemnities". William Shakespeare


By the light of the silvery moon

The moon definitely makes people feel happy. It is our friend, lighting the way when we are lost by sharing its silvery light with us to guide us to where we need to be. It is the second brightest object in the sky second only to the sun!. The moon's gleaming radiance has inspired people to worship it, walk on it, write about it and paint it. The moon is also closely linked to love. Think Romeo and Midsummer Night's Dream. For me, the full moon energy is indicative of new beginnings, as I let go of all that no longer serves me. It's also a great time to grow new plants as they are infused with the magic of moon energy.

The Cycle of Life

Believe it or not, the moon is one of the most consistent events in our lives. It is always there, each evening no matter what's happening on earth. It waxes larger, shines when it is full, and wanes to a fingernail sliver before starting the sequence all over again. The moon was worshiped by primitive man, and the monthly cycle of the moon denotes human fertility as well as thousands of years ago being the measure of all time. So the moon is, quite literally, indicative of the Cycle of Life.

Men on the Moon

The most famous astronauts were 'Buzz' Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins known as The Apollo 11 Crew. In 1969 the moon mission was televised around the world and people surrounding the Kennedy Space Centre watched with anticipation as the clocked ticked towards zero hour. They approached the moon 3 hours after takeoff.

Moon Goddesses

The Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that the moon was female, mainly due to her monthly cycles. They revered their Moon Goddesses - Selene, who was the sister of the Sun, and the Dawn, and Hecate who was the Goddess of the not yet risen Moon. Hecate was of 'the dark side' - the realm of ghosts, ghouls and witches.

Angels of the Moon

The two Archangels who are associated with moon energy are Haniel and Gabriel. Both are feminine angels, although they can appear as either male or female. Personally I see both of them as female - and I have worked with both angels in my personal life as well as teaching my students how these beautiful angels can assist in moving forward in their lives. The best time to invoke them is as you bathe in the magic of the full moon.

Archangel Haniel is the angel of Joy - she reminds you to ground and align every day in order to hear the promptings of your soul. When invoked she will help to strengthen your intuition, so you are in tune with your inner guidance as you move towards your next adventure.

Archangel Gabriel is the angel of peace, communication, and angel of the moon! She is also the elemental angel of water, helping you to move with the ebb and flow of life. When you call on Archangel Gabriel she will help to transform your life as you move towards your dreams. Gabriel really can help to turn your life around!

Moon Child

Did you know that Moon Child is the name given to a person born under the astrological sign of Cancer on July 25th?'

Moon Child is also the title of a movie, a novel, an album and at least 6 songs! and throughout history, the moon has inspired millions of people whether they worship the moon, walk on it, write about it, cast spells under it, or 'moon about' (in love!).


The crystal that is named after the moon is Moonstone which is silvery blue. It is said to shine with captured moonbeams. Other crystals I recommend to work with moon energy are Selenite, which in crystal ball form looks like the surface of the moon. It's a crystal that infuses positivity and healing, as it doesn't recognise anything negative. Labradorite is also a wonderful crystal to work with moon energy. It's a protective stone, and very magical. I place my crystals under the full moon and as they bathe under the light of the moon, I will often cast spells via magical incantations which helps to cleanse and re-charge them. The next morning as I pick them up I can feel their magical vibration!.

Magic of the Moon

So there you have it. The moon is closely linked to love, but has a dark side, too. It will rise in the sky every night within our lifetime - casting its mysterious glow, being ever present, and ever so magical.

Ever wondered where something has come from - you think it's appeared out of nowhere? Have a look at this article published in the Psychic News in January 2018 to find out more.



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Where do your pets go when they leave the earth-plane? It has to be one of the biggest questions I am asked. Many people believe that our pets go to an otherworldly place called the Rainbow Bridge. This is the title of a poem that appeared on social networking sites and has become so popular you only have to Google it on the internet to see different variations of the original poem, of which the author is unknown. The poem explains that when our pets go to heaven, their spirit lives on happily. They are without pain, and they run freely in stunning meadows until it is time to meet their beloved human friend(s).Rainbow Bridge pic When it's their owner's time to go to spirit, they cross the Rainbow Bridge and are united again. The poem can be rather sugary sweet, but it's not far removed from the snippets I have seen when channelling. I hope it brings some comfort to those of you who have recently lost a pet to the spirit world. As a Medium, I will often see the pets of those I am doing readings for. In most cases I see them with my client's loved ones in spirit and it gives them great comfort to know that both their human loved ones live on in spirit as do their loyal furry friends. When you lose a pet, it can leave a massive void in your life because they were a big part of your family. Some people may feel a stronger connection to their pets than they do other people! I believe this is because our pets love us unconditionally. When we come home after a hard day's work, your furry one is usually the first one to come and greet you. Their affection is real - what you see, is what you get, with no hidden agenda. From a health point of view, having at least one pet is good for the soul - it's a well known fact that petting your dog or cat can help to reduce anxiety, depression, and ease loneliness.  It has also been proven in many cases that having a dog as a pet can help to lower blood pressure, too. Is it therefore no wonder that we grieve the loss of our beloved furry members of the family when they leave the earthly plane? When channelling, I am often shown images of pets in the spirit world. They appear much younger and healthier than when they went to the light. There is also a lot of vibrant colours that come through with them, deep green grass, rolling hills, and a deep love that shines through that would be very difficult to put into words to anyone who has never owned a pet before. I know without a doubt that our pets live on in spirit. I have had enough confirmation from my own pets as well as seeing and feeling the love of my clients pets in spirit.  It can be as distressing losing a pet as it is losing a human loved one. If you have lost your pet recently, give yourself time to grieve in your own way. There is no time limit. Don't listen to anyone who wonders why you are upset about 'just a dog' or 'just a cat'. Just nothing....  Know that love like that never, ever dies. It lives on in your heart until you meet again. Just this side of heaven is a place called The Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to The Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals that had been ill and old are restored to health and vigour; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together. . . .  

The angels connect with us through our dreams in many ways, such as giving us messages so we know how to deal with problems in our daily lives. Angels don't have to appear in our dreams but of course when they do, be sure that the magic will begin, because when you are in a dream state it is a wonderful way of communicating with your angels as an un-intrusive way of receiving messages from a higher source. And relax. Dreams are just one of the celestial signs that the angels can communicate with us. When we are asleep, we are on a completely different vibration because our sub-conscious mind is more receptive to messages from a higher plane whereas in waking life our conscious mind may disregard certain information. Because we are in a relaxed state of being, it makes it much easier for our angels to give us messages either as an answer to a prayer for the present, healing for the past or clues for the future.

Dream diary

It is a good idea to get yourself a dream diary. This could be anything from a writing pad, to a more elaborate diary which will become even more magical if you decorate it yourself with all things angel. A dream diary is imperative when connecting with your Guardian Angel through your dreams. Write them down as soon as you wake up because if you have similar dreams, there could be a pattern to them and the answer will be clear to see. If you don't understand your dream, look up the meaning, there are many books or sites online that will help you to determine what your dreams are about and more importantly will assist in understanding the divine message given to you by your Guardian Angel.

Asking for a celestial sign

Did you know that you can ask your angel to appear, or to give you celestial signs through your dreams? As the saying goes, ask and it shall be given. Remember that the angels are waiting in the wings for your call, once you ask, they will reciprocate in kind.

Mary's story

This is a true story told to me by a lovely young lady who felt frightened this particular night after waking after a nightmare.   I went to bed, fell fast asleep and woke up after a scary dream where I felt a negative energy around me. My heart was beating fast and I couldn't get rid of the feeling so I called out for Archangel Raphael the healer, and Archangel Michael the Warrior to help me. After a short while, I felt the atmosphere in the room change, and instantly started to calm down. As I drifted off into a peaceful sleep I felt as if I was being given a beautiful angelic hug, and the image that was given to me was that of Archangel Raphael lying down beside me, giving me healing. To my amazement I could also see Archangel Michael at the foot of the bed, protecting me.  If Mary hadn't called on the angels to assist after her nightmare, she certainly wouldn't have felt calm, or fallen into a peaceful sleep, waking up feeling refreshed. Always remember, if you need help, ask the angels!

How to ask your angel for messages through your dreams

Write it down!

First of all, make sure that you are in a calm state of being by preparing your space. If you've had a hard day at work or an argument with somebody and you go to bed feeling angry, hurt or upset, it will make it more difficult for your angel to connect with you as your mind may be wandering and you may stay awake half the night worrying. Place a dream diary and a pen, or piece of paper by your bed because even though you may remember a dream when you first wake up, once you are caught up in your busy day, the content of the dream can often get forgotten. You won't be happy if you miss a crucial message, direct from your Guardian Angel!

Prepare your space

Make sure that your bedroom is tidy and dust-free. Open the windows if you can, to let some fresh air in and place a cleansed rose quartz on your bedside cabinet. Run yourself a warm bath with a few drops of lavender aromatherapy oil, this will help you to feel relaxed. While in the bath, inwardly ask your Guardian Angel to come forward in your dream to help you with any problems, or any questions you may have. Be specific, and always remember to say thank you to your angel.

Tea, anyone?

If you want a drink before bedtime, some green tea or chamomile tea is a good idea, as is water. I always take a large bottle of water to bed with me, it's cleansing, helps to stop you feeling dehydrated and is extremely good for you.

Calling in your angel

Just before you go to sleep, light a white candle, close the windows if you wish, and say the following incantation

  Dear Guardian Angel in this hour, I call upon your angel power. At this time and in this night, please surround me with your celestial light. Angel dear, please hear my plea I ask that through my dreams, you come to me. 

Say the words slowly, and with intent, that is, to believe 100% that your angel will either appear in your dream or leave you a message. The message could be a vision, name, number, or a feeling of overwhelming love and joy. Please don't worry if nothing happens the first time you try this. It may be that you don't believe in yourself enough, or you may feel closed to the angels for some reason and it will take you time to connect with their energy once more. Repeat the angel dream incantation 2 to 3 times each week which will help to build up a strong link between you and your angel. Remember to write your dreams down, and look up their meanings. If you don't, you could be missing a divine message from your Guardian Angel through your dreams.


I’m going to talk to you today about building an angel altar, to help you to bring a little bit of magic into your home life and into your personal life. Creating an angel altar is a place of tranquility where you can communicate with the celestial realms, invoking their combined energies and unconditional love. Together with the angelic offerings on your altar you will have a place to ask for divine help through meditation, thought and celebration.

The first angel altars were used as far back as Neolithical times and although the items placed on the altar, as well as the altar itself, were crude affairs, this did not deter from the fact that primitive man believed in other-worldly beings of love and light.

They made each artefact themselves, which was then placed onto the altars, as they paid homage to those within another dimension. The angelic altars in Neolithical times would have been dedicated to fertility Gods and Goddesses such as the fertility God Ishtar, who was the ancient Goddess of love and war. She was better known as Aphrodite and eventually became the most ambitious Goddess worshipped by man.

stone henge 3801421 640
stones 937659 640

Proof of Neolithical man dedicating their altars to the Gods and Goddesses are found by countless traces left behind by ancient man and dug up by archaeologists. These can be found in museums all over the world. These artefacts have a beauty of their own and were obviously very magical

So just think about it, if primitive man was in touch with his spiritual side, and prayed to higher energies and the divine, then why shouldn’t you?

So why create a home altar?

An angelic altar in your home is a wonderful way to feel close to the angels. It’s a place of worship where you can open your heart and mind as well as being able to express yourself emotionally, spiritually and artistically. By consciously creating an altar, you are welcoming spiritual and magical experiences into your life. The power of the altar speaks for itself, it is a tangible area which is a portal to serenity. Each item will be chosen by you and has therefore been charged with your energies and love, which will raise the vibration of this area and help to draw the angels even closer to you. Your angel altar will ensure the presence of the angels.

angel figure 80168 640

I am very proud of my own angel altars but I laugh sometimes when people look at me with surprise on their faces when I tell them that I have altars in my home. I’m sure they think that I live in a converted church or something! The reality is that it’s a sacred place where I can be at one with my guardian angel - to ‘simply be’..

The majority of life is spent at home and our homes retain energy whether negative or positive. So because we have good memories in a home where we laugh, play, relax and create a loving and comfortable living area to come home to, why not help to elevate those wonderful energies? However sometimes there are negative things that happen in the home such as relationships, stress or upset. By building an altar in the home this can help to dispel negative residual energy in order for you to make life affirming decisions for the best of all concerned.

c angel 1051707 640

Everybody who comes into my own home says how positive the atmosphere is. As they walk through each room they can see all the angel altars which create a welcoming serene ambience of peace. Not only is my home full of angels, it’s full of elementals such as unicorns and fairies, as well as pictures of power animals. I even have a picture of one of my spirit guides which hangs on the wall by my angel altar.

angel 3017952 640

My altars include a practical working altar and a larger altar which I’m going to talk to you about in a minute. Both of them are in full use and each of the items have been lovingly picked by me and placed on the altar in honour of the angels. The first altar I built is a small working altar in our conservatory and it’s opposite a small shelf opposite a large open window, where I can see the garden in all it’s glory. I wanted the altar in here because it combines the energy of the angels and Mother Nature, and the altar may be small but it is practical. The area is light, and I find I write most of my meditations in here for my angel workshops and spiritual development classes, with the help of the angels of course.The altar in my meditation room is larger and I refer to it as my ‘angelorium’, I created this room and dedicated it to the angels as my small angel altar grew and grew when I was bought more angel items as gifts from loved ones. I have a table which is full of angelic crystals, angels figurines (large and small) and candles which have a magical vibration of their own.

The walls in my ‘angelorium’ are adorned with pictures of angels and ascended masters, and I proudly display my angel magic and Angelic Reiki certificates in here too. This room is quite simply a magical haven of tranquility, and as soon as anyone steps through the room they say: “wow” as they look around, and instantly say how lovely and peaceful it feels. I can’t count the many times I’ve seen someone relax right in front of my eyes. My angel altars are the pivotal place in my home where I feel comforted, safe and at peace and I just cannot imagine my home without them.

So what do I do when I’m away from home? And what would you do if you were working from a suitcase, going away for a few days, or working away for quite a while?

Ideally an angel altar should be a permanent affair, well in this day and age we’re often travelling, so if like me you find yourself working away from home from time to time, my motto is that a temporary altar is better than no altar.

When working in Canada I created a space for my altar in my suite in Toronto and lovingly placed my angel items and candles onto it. Although it wasn’t a permanent affair, it looked beautiful nonetheless and it was a place where, away from home, I could talk to the angels. After a hard days filming working on the show ‘Rescue Mediums’ and rescuing lost souls, it was lovely to walk into the room, kick my shoes off, ground myself yet again, light the candle at my altar and tell the angels all about my day, and thank my guardian angels for being right by my side.

sunflowers 3640938 640

Many of you will display items around the house in groups without realising that you’re doing this and when you do display items around the room, items that you love, whether they’re photographs, or figurines, they are creating positive energies within the room because of the love they have been placed there with. For example, how often have you visited friends or relatives who have lovely arrangements in their house, such as photographs, plants, flowers and ornaments, and they’ve been lovingly placed that way.

The room always feels peaceful, bright and positive, particularly around that spot. So what do we call these groups of items that have been lovingly placed, but not actively built as an altar as such? These are called subliminal altars.

Now that you know the history of the altar, and why creating one in your home is a divine idea, it’s now time for you to have fun and get to work. The first thing you need is to is to have some ‘you’ time. Switch off your phone so you won’t be disturbed, and dedicate your time to link in with the angels, by walking around your home and deciding where you’d like your altar to be placed. It really does need to be in a quiet area, where you can talk to your angels in peace. So the kitchen, which does tend to be the busiest room in the house, is not a particularly good idea.

Once you’ve chosen your room, you’ll need a sturdy piece of furniture as the base of your altar, such as a window sill, mantelpiece, table, part of a bookshelf or even a shelf. One of my angel altars is on a small shelf and it is practical and it works really well, so it is entirely up to you.

One of the main things to do is ensure that the room is dust-free and clutter-free, and you will also need to clean the surface on your chosen area for your alter. So clean it off, get rid of all the dust and get it ready to talk to the angels, because it is not long now before you can.

You’re going to bless your altar by dabbing each corner with essential oil, and the choice is yours, but I use lavender for mine, which is relaxing, cleansing and has a balancing effect. You can, if you wish to, drape a lace runner or cloth over your altar, in any of the colours of the angelic realms; white, ivory, silver or gold. These are the highest vibrational colours in the angelic realm. The candles are one of the most important aspects of the angel altar, they are symbolic of light, joy, life giving power and spiritual enlightenment.

Place two candles on either side of your altar and these again should be in white, gold, silver, or ivory. White if you can, because that is the colour of purity and divine light.

So now it’s time to enjoy finding items for your altar, and it’s up to you what you choose. But make sure it’s something that’s representative of the angelic realms, such as angel figurines, pictures, angelic crystals, flowers or even a pot of angel dust, and angel affirmations are a really good one to raise the vibrations in the room.

candlelight 2826332 640

Fresh flowers are also a lovely gift to the angels as long as you throw them away once they start to wilt. You may find that you already have items around the house that you can put straight away onto your altar, just have a think and have a good look through everything. What about looking through your Christmas decorations? Because angel tree ornaments are perfect. Angel pins are also ideal, as are your angel oracle sets. Just imagine how magical they will feel when you are shuffling your deck ready to do a reading, because they will have been charged with pure angelic energy from your angel altar.

Now you’re going to charge your item, each one in turn, before you place it onto the altar. Hold the item in your left hand and cup your right hand over it. Sit with your eyes closed for a moment and imagine a golden light around your item, feel the warmth of it in your hand and imagine a white light around the outside of your hands. When you are ready, place your charged item onto the altar.

To finish, place an incense holder or burner onto the altar and light the stick or burner as your repeat this beautiful angel incantation:

I dedicate this altar to the celestial beings of love and light, and ask that the angels enter my home and life, helping me to make positive changes and increase my spirituality. I ask that my own guardian angel stands by my side in love and encouragement. Let me be open to the voices of all angels. This is my angelic altar which will create a divine link between me and the angelic realm. So mote it be.

So much has been written in the past about what people see at their time of passing. You may have heard family members saying that their loved one was in a calm state of being, and held their hand out to someone, or had a smile on their face. When working on the show Rescue Mediums, we had to communicate with spirits who were stuck and once we gained more knowledge about their earthly life and knew they were ready to go to the light, our aim was to guide a loved one from spirit forward to welcome the confused spirit over to the light.  I have had many, many experiences of this - and have seen the most amazing, and totally beautiful images of loved ones stepping forward in the light, as they welcomed and guided their loved one to the afterlife. I see this as a doorway to the next plain, and once the spirit has gone through the light, I shut the door, and seal it. Spirit Rescue's haven't only been conducted on the show. I have done other rescue's in the UK and here in Spain. One example is when I was living in our old house in the UK. I had heard unexplained noises for a while and a very deep cold in the spare bedroom. One evening in the early hours I heard a rattling noise. I ran downstairs into the kitchen and there, on the window sill, was a large cup rattling around on the saucer. I asked it to stop and it did.  That night I had a dream about a little boy who was reaching out to me through my Grandchildren by playing with their toys late at night. This explained why their toys went off in the cupboard when no-one was there. The strangest sound I heard was what sounded like a ball rolling round and round once it was dark. It stopped when I asked it to, but I knew I couldn't leave this any longer. The child spirit also played with an angel on a chain which was hanging by my bed. I could hear it tinkling by my head. The only way this would happen is if someone was playing with it.  I called my friend Sarah who came to help. During the day, we put flour down on a board and some tiny toys around it and some coins. Spirit (especially children) will often move these items as they cannot resist playing with them. However, just before we carried out the rescue, nothing had moved. We conversed with the sad little boy and his story was heart wrenching. He appeared holding an old fashioned spinning top and I realised that was the noise I had heard - it wasn't a ball after all.  It took us a few hours, but eventually, we were able to gain his trust and the love he felt as he ran into his mother's arms was indescribable.  We saw many Orbs on the photographs we had taken, and a bright red light on a book I had about Spirit Guides.  But the most beautiful gift was as Sarah and I were clearing up. There, in the flour, was the shape of a big heart.... Having worked with spirit over the years, it is evident that they don't want us to worry about them. They are in a place of wonder - a place that is full of unconditional love and serenity where negative emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, worry etc do not exist. Each spirit that comes through is different - Some have me and my client howling with laughter. Some have such infinite love and I can feel it so very deeply that we are both in tears, but they are tears of joy that this wonderful being is no longer suffering in pain or discomfort.  I have had spirit dictate poems to me describing what they see (vivid colours) - what they feel (total peace) and how their love shines on...  Very often, spirit will give me predictions of things coming in around their loved ones on the earth plane. This information is shared with me even before my client arrives for their appointment. Spirit can see into the future - for there are no restrictions like time in the Spirit World, as the vibration in which they exist is infinite. When doing platform work, it's a way of working again, in a different way, but spirit come through nevertheless. It just means that not all the audience members will get a message. However, when spirit does come forward it is often as mind blowing and entertaining for those who don't get a message as those who do!  If your loved one had a fabulous sense of humour on the earth plane, this is usually one of the things that are evident to me the very second that they step forward! Just as we are unique, so are our loved ones in spirit, so no two are the same. Some of the information can sound bizarre, but it will come in, in some way.  All you have to do is to have an open mind, and believe in their boundless love.

I have written this article to help you believe in your dreams. Cosmic Ordering works for many people, myself included but quite a few people recently have said they find it difficult asking the Universe for what they want. They like to 'see' something in their mind's eye and many find it strange shouting out their request 'into thin air' or writing to the Universe because they are not really sure what it is. So I spoke to my angels and they suggested that I write about how the angels can assist. The same principal is adopted but instead of putting an order into the Universe, you will be ordering from the angels!

Cosmic Ordering pic

Over the past few years I have given many talks on Cosmic Ordering either at Mind Body & Spirit fairs, or over the radio. People don't always believe that they can ask for what they want in life if they truly believe they deserve it. Read on to find out how the angels can assist in a very magical way.

  Living in the present

The most wonderful events in my life have been presented to me when I was simply ‘being’ and not trying too hard. Problems occur when we are ‘living in the past’ or wanting to know the outcome of the future. Once you bring your consciousness back to the present, you will start living life to the full. The principal sounds easy in theory and I admit it’s harder to put into practice, but with a positive frame of mind and determination you could change your life forever.

The key to all of this is to know what you want which is not as easy as you think! Most people when asked this question don’t know what they do want. However they know exactly what they don’t want. Because we are creating negative thoughts, the Universe will assume that this is what we want, and will grant us exactly what we have asked for albeit unconsciously. If we carry on this way, we miss the wonderful and synchronistic events that occur every minute of every day.

  Visualise an angel

So to make Cosmic Ordering simple, why not ask the angels for the same thing? It makes it easier for many to ask the celestial realms for help as they can visualise an angel in their mind's eye when writing down their request. As long as you use positive words, the right intention and truly believe your request will come true, it doesn't matter who you ask, although the angels are always waiting in the wings. Read on to find out how.

  Ask and you shall receive

First of all, find your quiet space. Turn off the phone, make sure you won't be disturbed, have a writing pad and a pen to hand. If you want to deepen your connection with the angels, hold a piece of cleansed smoky quartz crystal, this protective stone helps you to reach your goals and can make wishes come true by grounding their essence into reality. Light a white candle and close your eyes whilst holding the crystal in your predominant hand. Visualise an angel and say this mantra out loud. "Dear angels please grant my wish. (say what it is you would like using positive words only.) I believe and trust that you have heard my request and will deliver it within divine timing. Thank you, thank you, thank you"...

  Write it down

Now write down what you have asked for. Address it to the Angels in the celestial realms. Make sure you believe 100% in your request and again, use positive words only. Sign your order, date it, fold it up, and place it in a secret place.

What brought you here? Have you asked for help, looked up and seen a magical angelic cloud formation, or has an angel book jumped out at your feet in the library, or do you just simply love reading about the angels and want to know more? Whatever the reason, you can guarantee that you were divinely guided to my website so that you can discover the angels and start walking along your very own angelic path.

Who are the angels?

Angels are beings of light who serve as a link between God and us here on earth. The word Angel is derived from the Greek word Angelos, which means messenger. There is a hierarchy of angels which I go into in detail for members of my on-line course, but in a nutshell, the Seraphim are the highest order. Guardian Angels are the angels we are the most familiar with, and they are with us every minute of every day. They have been assigned to us from birth, helping to guide us on our spiritual path here on earth but as we have free will, they can usually only intervene when we ask them for help. They work as a channel between us, and the highest of the celestial beings. Everyone has a Guardian Angel, who is with them from birth, and who will help to guide them over to the spirit world when their earthly body has passed away and their soul returns home. Most people have heard of the Archangels who hold their own respective magical correspondences when dealing with us humans, and they can move up and down the celestial ladder at will.

How do I learn more about the angels?

Personally, I have always loved angels. I enjoyed looking at pictures of them when I was little at Sunday School and as I entered adulthood a number of synchronisitc events led me to find out more about the celestial realms. I read as much as I could about the angels, meditated, and did my own research. On a number of occasions I had felt the presence of an angel, particularly when going through a very bad patch in a previous marriage. I called out for help, and received what I can only describe as an angelic hug. I knew, without a doubt that I was in the presence of an angel, and I felt calm, at peace, and very much loved. I decided I wanted to know more, so I signed up for an Angel Magic course, and went on to do angel healing. If like me, you want to learn more about the angels, read on!

  1. Meditation - Meditation is the key to any spiritual work whether you are meditating alone, or as a part of a group. It's learning how to quieten the mind, feel inner calm and peace. With practice, you will be able to reach a higher level of awareness. If, like many people, you find it difficult to meditate on your own, listening to a guided meditation could be the answer. I have written a number of beautiful meditations for my on-line angel workshop where you will meet your Guardian Angel, and Sophia, the angel of love, to name but a few. Also read up as much as you can about the angels, and ensure that you are living in the moment so as not to miss any of the wonderful signs they leave for you on your life's path. Before you start to meditate, ensure that you are grounded or earthed. See my Angelic Earthing article where you will feel balanced by connecting to heaven and earth with assistance from Archangel Uriel, the angel of wisdom.
  2. Have an open mind - It is so important when doing any spiritual work that you have an open mind and that you believe, and trust in your subject. Having an open mind means not judging, being balanced, having a passion for new information, being flexible, and open to new ideas and concepts. The angels work on a much higher vibration than us, so it will be easier for them to connect with someone who is open, than someone who is questioning all the time and are not sure whether they believe in angels or not! Many people go through life without realising they have a Guardian Angel or they simply do not care. If you have an open mind it means that rather than trying to determine the outcome of a situation or worrying about what will come, you enjoy being in the moment and having no preconceived ideas about the future. So, if you want to start out on your angelic path, keep an open mind!
  3. Buy a deck of angel cards (you can now get some from me!). There are many decks of beautiful angel cards available nowadays, and the choice is yours. Start off with a simple pack of cards such as Daily Guidance from your Angels deck, or Messages from your angels, both are by Doreen Virtue and are readily available on Amazon. Start by shuffling your cards, working your way through them holding a card at a time so that each card retains your energy. Place a cleansed quartz crystal on the top of your cards and leave it there overnight. Tap the top of your cards 3 times, and start to pick a card a day for yourself. As you gain confidence, you could do a mini card reading for a friend. At first, you will read the messages on the card but as you start working more and more with angel energy, you will start to hear or sense the messages they give to you telepathically, which you can pass on to the person you are reading for.
  4. Talk to your angel - When starting out on your angelic path, the best way to connect to your Guardian Angel is to talk to them! It is entirely up to you what you say, but an example could be Dear Guardian Angel, I know you can hear me. Thank you for helping me throughout my life. I would love to be able to communicate with you so please leave me a sign of your presence. As long as you believe, trust, and have patience, your Guardian Angel will leave you a sign whether it's seeing a feather in an unusual place, hearing your name called, smelling a beautiful aroma of flowers, or feeling their divine presence. Know in your heart that your angel is with you, every step of the way.

Well its not often I get to write for a Male magazine! But I enjoyed answering questions about hauntings for MEL Magazines Halloween Edition which is available in America and the UK. I hope you enjoy reading it too!

To set the scene, the article starts off:

Drawers opening and shutting on their own? Dog going doolally in the dining room? You might need Alison Wynne-Ryder, the “Quirky Medium” with a 100 percent ghostbusting record.

In the article I answer a number of questions including:

  • How do you know when someone is being visited by the paranormal and it’s not just some pesky energy noise or structural noise?
  • How quick do you know when you’ve got some serious ghostly goings-on?
  • What should someone do the moment they realise they have a ghost in their house?
  • Are some ghosts harder to shake than others? (Do they have different personalities etc)

You can read the full article on the dollarshaveclub.com website right now here: https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/content/en-uk/story/who-ya-gonna-call-meet-the-real-life-ghostbuster

What are the symptoms of Psychic Attack

If you feel physically and emotionally drained, have lost sight of your goals, if you feel depressed, or anxious all the time and if you have lost faith in your own abilities with there being neither rhyme nor reason for any of this, then you could be under psychic attack. However, people who suck the energy out of others are not always consciously aware that they are doing so. It could be that they are, through the means of telepathy, sending you negative emotions which over time affect you mentally, physically and emotionally.

Remote Psychic Attack

I call this 'Long distance psychic attack'.  When a psychic vampire psychically attacks you, it could be that you are the foremost in their mind. Believe it or not, they may hold you in high esteem, but as they think about you when they are in toxic emotion mode, they will literally suck the energy from you which makes them feel energised, and leaves you feeling depleted.

The Stalker

Another form of psychic attack is when someone 'stalks' you by constantly ringing texting or e-mailing you. They will tell you how bad they feel about something that has usually happened in the past. They go into great detail, leaving no stone unturned about how bad their life is and how nothing good happens to them.  They will often repeat negative patterns in their life and just by engaging in this negativity or reading their messages, can make you feel utterly fatigued whilst they will feel energised.  This is NOT a fair exchange of energy as they will have literally sucked the life out of you.

Deliberate Psychic Attack

This is the worst kind and can destroy the quality of people's lives as the person sending the attack can create spells via witchcraft or open inter dimensional doorways such as portals to send harmful energies to a family or another person. This makes the attacker feel powerful in the wrong way, without realising the karmic affect of their actions. It's the same story as always. What you put out, you get back.....


What type of people are Psychic Vampires

psychic-vampire-imageYou have probably met a Psychic Vampire at least once in your life. Mostly, they have extremely low self esteem, often having feelings of rejection in their past. Because of this, they can't, and won't, let go. They gain power by telling you about all the negative things that happen to them. They need constant reassurance, but no matter how much you try to help them, they won't move on as it's easier for them to bombard you with their baggage than to put any work in themselves. It could be that they want to 'get back at you' for something, and they feel anger towards you so they do what they do best - they suck the life out of you.

Possible symptoms of psychic attack

  • Loss of energy
  • Diminishing Aura
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Depression
  • Physical illness
  • Feeling unfocused
  • Feeling disorientated
  • Feeling as if there is a dark cloud following you around
  • Feeling Nauseous
  • Feelings of worry, doubt, or guilt interrupting your day
  • Tightness in the chest or feeling as if you can't breathe properly

How to protect yourself from Psychic Attack

  • Be aware of who is attacking you and either limit or completely distance yourself from that person.
  • Redirect your thoughts. Don't get sucked into their drama. Visualise yourself doing something positive and hold that visualisation. Do not allow the psychic vampire to enter your thoughts
  • There is power in numbers, so ask your friends, spirit helpers and guides to send you healing and positive vibes
  • Stay away from people who undermine you or make you feel depleted. Whether they are so called friends, acquaintances or even family. Distance yourself!
  • Don't retaliate. That is what the vampire wants. They are exposing what they feel is wrong in their life - don't allow them to push this onto you.
  • Create a sacred space in your home such as an Angel Altar and smudge each room
  • Be mindful, and ever in the moment. Something a Psychic Vampire will never be.
  • Remember to ground yourself and protect your aura by bringing in the white light. You will need to do this every day
  • Visualise surrounding yourself with a 'Psychic Cloak' Blue for protection, Green for Healing, Pink for Love, White for Purity, Yellow for Upliftment.
  • Wear healing protective crystals or amulets such as Black tourmaline, Kyanite, Amethyst, Moldavite, Bloodstone, Black Obsidian,
  • Wear a St. Christopher Pendant, or Crucifix
  • Create Holy Water and bless yourself with it.
  • Place symbols of protection around yourself and your home such as Buddha's, bamboo plants, four leaf clovers etc.
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Meditation and/or prayer.

Get to work, Earth Angel!

As an earth angel it's imperative that you protect your personal space by surrounding your aura with angel light. It is the ground work to connecting you to the higher realms and is one step nearer to discovering the angels.

Breath work

Your breath-work is the backbone of any higher energy work. If done correctly it will help to calm the mind and balance the body. Do this exercise every morning as part of your angelic earthing I perform my angelic earthing when I wake up and it sets me up for the day! I feel energised, positive as well as feeling inspired! Breathe in for 3 and out for 3. Breathe out anything that no longer serves you. As you breathe in, see it as positive white light and as you breathe out, release tension and worry. Carry on with this breathing until any negative feelings have dissipated and you are only breathing in ethereal white light.


Heaven & Earth

In order to feel balanced you must connect to heaven and earth. Start by ensuring that both feet are firmly on the ground. Imagine roots (similar to tree roots) growing from the soles of your feet and moving down into the earth. Feel how connected you feel already to the mother earth energy.

Prisms of light.

Now imagine beautiful prisms of twinkling golden lightdescending from the celestial realms surrounding your body, making you feel comforted, loved and at one with yourself.

  Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is the angel of love and insight. He is also the elemental angel of the earth, can help you find your own inner power as you move into a higher realm of consciousness through your angelic earthing. He is of the ruby ray and wears a cloak of purple edged with gold. Visualise wearing his protective cloak and before you pull the hood up, see a halo of white surrounding your crown chakra (top of the head) - meaning spiritual connectedness. Check out the simple steps below.

7 celestial steps to Angelic Grounding

  1. Find a quiet space first thing in the morning to set you up for the day ahead
  2. Focus on your breathing. Release negativity on your out breath, breathing in positive white light
  3. Visualise 'roots' linking with mother earth.
  4. Bathe in the healing prisms of light sent down from the angelic realms
  5. See Archangel Uriel in the ruby ray of light & wearing his cloak of purple and gold
  6. See yourself wearing his cloak - feel how protected and loved you feel. Pull the hood up!
  7. Place a halo of white light over your crown chakra.


Enjoy being one step closer to discovering the angels!

As a child I was frightened of numbers! I missed a lot of schooling when I was very little due to having chicken pox and then straight afterwards; I started with bad asthma attacks. Consequently, I missed the crucial basic stages of mathematics. When I went back to school after my illness I struggled to keep up with the rest of the class as my teacher wouldn't go over what I had missed. As I got older, I found a sense of humour was the best way to deal with this as I counted on my fingers at work, or tried to add up what I was spending in a shop. However, I felt embarrassed inside and used to watch in wonder as friends and relatives added up inside their head and always got their sums right. So, imagine my surprise when I woke up one day with a big number 9 in my head. The image wouldn't go away, until the penny dropped that my angels wanted me to look up the number and I haven't looked back ever since. It was a way that the angels could communicate messages to me with such profound and accurate information, and it blew my mind. Yes it did seems strange to me at first, that the angels would give me numbers as a sign that they have heard my prayers, but it happens so regularly now that numbers are a huge part of my life. When I give a clairvoyant readings numbers and dates often pop up and it never ceases to amaze me how accurate the meaning behind those numbers are.

  Seeing Numbers?

If you have been seeing numbers everywhere, whether single numbers or sequences, know that your angel is giving you a sign and yes, they want you to look up the meaning of the number which will give you the vibrational meanings of each number as well as the meaning of number sequences or groups. As a Medium, I receive my numbers telepathically, but these can be given in a number of ways (pardon the pun!) but will often be repetitive, until you notice that seeing those numbers is a sign from your angel. Examples of how these are given could be the time on a clock, for example 11.11, they may appear on license plates, or even be something tangible such as being given the same change, over and over, in a shop. You may be taking part in a game and roll the same number on the dice. If you do, be sure to look up the meaning of the number you are being given! I had to laugh to myself when writing this, because it's so funny that the angels will often give you something that you have avoided in your life, (like me, and numbers!), but it is given with love, to give you courage and strength as well as the belief that you can do anything you put your mind to, and for me, numbers is just one of the things I have always struggled with until now.

  You're not alone!

Recently, I wrote a little article on our Discover the Angel's page on Facebook and said that for 10 minutes only, I would give a number reading for everyone who posted numbers that they regularly see. I was not prepared for the number (again, sorry for the pun!) of people who took part. We went on for much more than 10 minutes as I wanted to answer everyone who had joined in. Some people saw single numbers, 1 to 9, others saw two digit numbers, and others 3. There were a few people who said they saw recurring number sequences and yet only a handful of people had understood, or taken the time to look up what those numbers meant. If they had, they would have understood the meaning of the numbers they saw, as well as understanding what to do with that information.

One of my essential books on my Kindle is Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers 101 which is a fabulous reference to number sequences and their divine meaning.

  Some numbers to think about

In this article I won't have time to write the meaning behind every single number, but what I can do is give you examples of the most popular numbers that people see, 1 to 14, & 11.11 as taken from my angel number post on face book.

  1. The angels are asking you to only think positive thoughts in order to bring your desires to fruition
  2. Means that everything is fine, you are where you are meant to be on your life path and to ask for the angels help if you need confirmation
  3. Here is where the Ascended Masters step in to help, go with how you feel, and if you smell certain aromas as this will determine which of the Ascended Masters are working with you.
  4. Is reassurance that the angels have heard your prayers and will be helping you in divine timing
  5. Change for the better is imminent and it is important to move through the winds of change without resistance
  6. Please don't worry about material items including money as this will lower the effectiveness of your prayers and may create obstacles on your life path
  7. Number 7 is my favourite number, we used to live at number 7 and it tends to be my lucky number, too! It means that you are on the right path, and the outcome will exceed your expectations. Divine magic is supporting you and opening doors of opportunity.
  8. Meaning abundance and prosperity, the endless loops in this number signify an infinite flow of money, time, ideas etc.
  9. You are a light worker, and the angels are asking you to get to work, now! You have completed all the prerequisites to achieve your life purpose. Don't procrastinate as it is time now to take action steps along your spiritual path.
  10. Hold positive thoughts about this situation as everything is working out for your highest good. Call upon the angels to help you to stay optimistic as your thoughts are an influencing factor in the outcome.
  11. Number 11 is the Karmic Master number symbolising spiritual awakening and enlightenment. You are being asked to stay positive so to connect to your higher self and focus only on the good within yourself and others. Number 11 can also be a prompt to pay special attention to your thoughts and ideas especially when those thoughts materialise rapidly.
  12. A strong message to only think positive thoughts because what you are thinking could influence your future. Keep your faith and hope strong and you won't go far wrong.
  13. Many people steer clear of this number thinking it means bad luck and yet the meaning in numerology terms means cleansing and purifying. The Ascended Masters are helping you to maintain a positive outlook.
  14. This is a message from the angels to keep repeating positive affirmations and to maintain your determination to do well in order to manifest your goals and aspirations.

11:11 Your angels want your attention!! It could be that they have been giving you many celestial signs on your life path and you haven't noticed them, so they will show you 11:11. In ways such as every time you glance at the clock that is the time you see. It helps you to sit up and take notice. It is said to be the number between the realms and indicates spiritual awakening.

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. Buddha (Extract on Reiki from my book 'The Quirky Medium')  

  Being introduced to Reiki changed my life

Reiki is a natural form of universal healing. The practitioner places their hands on the recipient’s chakra points starting at the crown chakra (top of the head), and ending up at the feet. Reiki is a gentle and non-intrusive complementary form of healing helping to balance the body by working on four levels of existence: the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. 

As a recipient you will feel relaxed as energy flows through your body. Everyone is different and some people will fall asleep, whereas others may feel emotional as old deep-rooted emotions rise to the surface. This is perfectly normal, as it’s the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The first time I had a treatment was at my best friend Pam's house. Pam had told me about Reiki but at the time I wasn't sure what it was. I remember lying on the bed in her bedroom. As she started the treatment, I felt tingly and could feel the warmth of her hands as she worked her way down each of my chakras. After the treatment I felt some sort of a release, and I was extremely emotional. Pam said that this was normal as she had unblocked my chakras and the negative emotions I was holding on to had to be released otherwise I would become ill. It felt like waves of emotion were flowing through me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I felt more relaxed than I had for a long time and decided I liked this treatment and I wanted more. During my second treatment Pam suggested that I visualise a special place. It didn’t take long before an image started to form in my mind’s eye. I kept seeing part of a beach and then a lovely garden with brightly coloured flowers. I saw tropical fish and I realised that what I could see, smell, hear and sense was not in this country. The sun was really hot and the flowers in the garden were large brightly coloured exotic flowers. On the beach I could see the sand glistening and hear the sounds of the waves on the beach. The next thing I saw was an archway of exotic flowers and I realised that there was a dark-haired man by my side although I couldn’t see his features. We walked through the archway together and I felt serene and at peace with the world. I knew that I had been given a snippet of something in my own future. When I discussed this with Pam, she too had seen the tropical fish. Who was this man?

Here are a few accounts of what people said about receiving a Reiki treatment for the first time (names have been changed to protect their privacy):  

As time went on, I had a burning desire to help others experience the wonders of Reiki healing. Pam attuned me to First Degree Reiki and that day will be imprinted on my brain forever. I remember thinking, why didn’t I do this before? The sense of peace and oneness that I felt with each initiation is difficult to put into words. There are four initiations in First Degree Reiki and I felt the Reiki energy built up throughout my body. My hands were tingling and I saw beautiful colours swirling around as well as a sense of wellbeing that I had never experienced in my life before. I did my twenty-eight days of self-healing, which was amazing, and even though I was so relaxed that I often fell asleep, I had feelings of pure love emanating from my body. When I started to practise healing sessions on family and close friends I received some wonderful feedback. With experience I learned to go with the flow of the healing energy and my hands instinctively knew which parts of the body needed the healing the most. What was even more amazing was that I started to receive messages for the recipient such as name and places, and although I wondered at the time where this information was coming from, when I passed it onto the recipient they were able to confirm that the message was for them. They loved it as they were receiving a free Reiki treatment and reading rolled into one! I went on to be attuned to Second Degree where I learnt the meanings and uses of the Reiki symbols and how to send distant healing to others. I sent healing to my past as I benefitted from the natural healing. People commented on how I seemed to glow and I realised how I was ceasing to worry about things so much, being happy to let things happen rather than trying to make them happen. I literally felt like my life was on the up. The icing on the cake came when I was attuned to Master level when I learned the final master symbol of Reiki. I knew that I would teach others about the wonders of Reiki, and I could finally recognise how my true life path was beginning to unfold before my very eyes. There is a saying that when the student is ready the teacher appears, and this was typical of being a Reiki Master Teacher. I have now attuned many students to the beautiful Reiki ray, and some of them in turn have gone on to teach too. Many clients have written to me thanking me for introducing them to Reiki and helping them to make positive changes in their lifestyle or their career.  

psychic-vampire-imageYou may have heard the expression 'Psychic Vampire' which can conjure up all sorts of evil things. However, you may be surprised to learn that a Psychic Vampire is the description of a living person who actually, is rarely described as evil.  Psychic Vampires will very often feel inferior or are lacking in self confidence or self worth, so they will do whatever they can to gain control of their life and retain their energy by literally 'sucking' the life out of you. Such individuals are also known as energy vampires. They are very often emotionally immature individuals who can only see their own needs and not those of others. They will often try to get 'their claws' into someone they feel are in a position of authority or have knowledge in a particular area. Below is a list of the different type of a Psychic Vampire. Do you recognise anyone you know here?

Victim Vampires

If you have read the book 'The Celestine Prophecy',  you will already know that one way to describe a Victim Vampire is as a 'poor me'. I am sure as you are reading this, you have met at least one individual who does, or has, taken your energy by literally draining you with their tales of woe.  This is because they believe the world is against them and will constantly hold onto the past and blame others for their unhappiness. They will often say "Why do bad things always happen to me"? As they constantly complain about problems but refuse to put into practice any solutions or advice that you suggest.

Narcissistic Psychic Vampires

The Narcissistic Psychic Vampire will have ideas above their station! It's good to be confident, but these individuals are full of self-importance and feel that they are entitled to your constant time and attention.  Their motto is 'me first'! And can become nasty or cold if you don't do things their way or share your knowledge with them. This is because they want to know everything you do, now! They don't possess self love, and subconsciously feel that their life depends on you giving them what they feel they lack by demanding your attention at all times. I liken a narcissistic psychic vampire to a 'Bull in a china shop' as they will go charging in, demanding attention, trying to learn everything all at once without giving attention to any one thing so in the long run, they  will become a 'Jack of all trades, and a master of none'.

Controlling Psychic Vampires

Personally, I feel that this is the worse type of PV.  These are the people who feel the need to manipulate you, and control everything you do. In company, especially if it is with someone they really want to impress, they will constantly cut across your conversation because they won't want to give you the opportunity to contribute. So instead, they will put you down, and invalidate your emotions by saying things like "You know what you need?" and will continue by telling you. As you become upset at their controlling behaviour, they will often tell others how emotionally unstable you are, which makes them feel empowered. They will then go on to say things like "You'd be nowhere without me". Which in turn, can make you feel constantly demeaned and dominated, as well as feeling constantly indebted to them.

The Drama Queen Psychic Vampire

The Drama Queen Psychic Vampire will often over exaggerate small incidents such as making things up if they are constantly late for business meetings - each tale getting grander and more outlandish than the last.  If they have a cold it's the flu or something much worse and they are extremely needy people. They really, are, one of life's constant victims - in their own eyes.

The Constant Talker Psychic Vampire

Well, the title says it all! They will take over all conversations, talking about their favourite topic - themselves! They never pause for breath, as they witter on, and will often invade your privacy and will always stand far too close to you. They are the type of person that when you step back to gain some personal space, they will walk forward with you so you will feel totally swamped and sapped of energy because all the while they are doing this, they are talking non-stop. In most cases, after they have taken over yet another conversation, you won't remember what the conversation was about in the first place.

In my next article, I will be writing about Psychic Attack, and how you can protect yourself from being drained by Psychic Vampires.

One of the most important rituals for my work as a Reiki Master and Clairvoyant Medium is Grounding and Psychic Protection. In brief, it is a vital way of protecting our physical body whilst endeavouring to live a spiritual life. In my line of work it is imperative that I ground and put a psychic shield around myself so I am not drained by negative energies from either the spirit world, or certain people on the earth plane. Grounding and psychic protection is not only good practice for mediums or healers. It is something that everyone should get used to doing as a way of keeping their feet firmly on the ground and protecting their personal aura. I am passionate about helping those who need some spiritual guidance but it amazes me how many people have never heard of grounding and psychic protection. Clients will approach me as they need to know why they are feeling unbalanced and/or lethargic not to mention dealing with emotional trauma. A lot of the stories are the same they feel as if they are going around in circles, their head is full of clutter and they feel totally disconnected, as if they are not in control of their own lives. Once I teach them how to use such a simple spiritual tool, they start to feel centred and focused so they can enjoy inner harmony and make positive decisions about their lives.

  Feelings of being ungrounded

  • Drained/tired as if your get up and go, has got up and gone
  • Emotional for no particular reason
  • Depressed
  • Feelings of anger towards yourself or others
  • Anxiousness & worry
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Feeling spaced out
  • Holding onto the past
  • A feeling of Not belonging
  • Cluttered in mind and surroundings
  • Feeling generally unhealthy/unwell

  Feelings of being grounded

  • Energised
  • A sense of wellbeing inside and out
  • Strength and self-acceptance
  • Belief in your abilities
  • Love for oneself and others
  • Spiritually aware
  • Focused in body and mind
  • The attainment of a spiritual way of life
  • A feeling of a natural state of balance

  How to perform grounding and psychic protection

The best time to perform your grounding ritual is first thing in the morning. That way, you will be protected for the rest of the day. As a spiritual worker I will often carry out the ritual again at night as it helps to promote a good nights sleep. A great crystal to hold whilst doing this is a Black Tourmaline which is a powerful grounding stone. It protects against negativity and fear, and cleanses ones auric field helping to balance the chakras and promote a positive mindset. First of all, make sure you are in a quiet peaceful place. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.

Grounding - If you are holding onto any negative energies or worry bring it down through your body from your crown chakra (top of your head) and out through the soles of your feet and into the earth. Once you have done this, you are ready to ground, by connecting yourself to the core of the earth. In order to do this, simply imagine growing thick and sturdy tree roots from the soles of your feet and send them right down until they link with mother earth. You may feel a slight pull or tug which will confirm that you are anchored.  
Protection  Imagine a ball of energy over the top of your head which opens and sends a beautiful ethereal white light down through your body. Then bring that white light up again and around the outside of your body so you are totally cocooned in a protective bubble of light.
Cloak  Sometimes I feel the need for double protection especially when doing spirit rescue work so over the white light that I have already put around myself, I will visualise wearing a large purple (spiritual fulfilment) cloak which reaches the ground. It has long sleeves and a large hood which I pull up so I am covered from head to toe in my protective shield.    

Your Guardian Angel has been by your side ever since you were born and although you may have never seen them, in order to connect to them you must put your belief and trust in their presence. Your Guardian Angel has been assigned to you to help guide you through your journey on the earth-plane and loves you unconditionally asking for nothing in return. Angels exist in a different dimension than us and therefore work on a much higher vibration. Because of this, you need to raise your own consciousness if you wish to talk to your angel . Your angel is waiting for your call as they cannot intervene because us earthlings have something called 'free-will'. So what are you waiting for?

  Here are 7 easy steps to make a connection with your Guardian Angel

  1. Buy a couple of 'angel-ings' (an Alison-ism!) such as a small angel figurine, an angel journal & an Angelite crystal. Have these with you when you are ready to connect to your Guardian Angel.
  2. Write a letter to your angel telling them all your hopes and dreams for the future. Date the letter, and sign it and put it in a safe place. Hold the vision of your dreams in your thoughts every day.
  3. Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Sit and quieten your mind, you can do this by visualising a beautiful golden light washing all over you.
  4. Light two white candles for purity preferably at your angel altar and look into the flame letting any worries of the day subside. As you watch the flame dance feel peace washing over you.
  5. Hold a picture in your mind's eye of what your Guardian Angel will look like and ask your angel to carry your burdens away on their wings of light by saying the following - "Beloved angel so pure and true I wish to start connecting with you. Please give me a sign & be by my side to heal my heart, and to lovingly guide".
  6. Hold your arms up and outwards, to receive. Imagine shafts of beautiful white ethereal light descending all around you - healing & bringing you joy and upliftment.
  7. Talk to your angel. Yes, really! Your Guardian Angel is your best friend. They love you unconditionally and will listen without judgement. Start connecting with your angel now.

Know that you deserve the best out of life, and never think otherwise. You may take a wrong turn here and there, but your Guardian Angel will help to guide you back to the pathway of light. Look out for their messages of confirmation which may come in the form of ideas which are subtle but powerful non-the-less. Your Guardian Angel's love for you is true, and all you have to do is to have patience, and believe.

The following has been copied (with permission) from the Official International site of Angelic Reikiangelic reiki offical image

  What is Angelic Reiki?

It is the absolute joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring one of the highest forms of healing to individuals, groups and the planet. Angels are beings who exist outside the different dimensions as we know them. They are the Master Programmers of the Main Programme we know as THE UNIVERSE. Throughout their guidance, and the healing art of Angelic Reiki, we can positively influence the creative energy systems of any individual or group, according to Divine Will. This could be on a physical, emotional or mental level. At this momentous time in the history of Humanity and the Earth, issues are surfacing to be cleared that have their roots deep in the past. We carry the imprints of these at a cellular level and they are often worked out through many incarnations, on this and on other planets. These issues are available to be cleared now, through the ability of the Angels to transcend time and space as we know it. As a healer willing to work with the Angels in this way, you offer a great and wonderful service to all, and yourselves. We have been initiated into Reiki Mastership in both the Usui and Shamballa lineages. The power of these two lineages, which is the combined healing power of all the Masters of each of these lineages, is now combined with the Angelic Vibration through Archangel Metatron and Kevin Core's The founder of Angelic Reiki's own spiritual lineage to create Angelic Reiki.

My personal experience of Angelic Reiki

Alison Wynne-Ryder - Angelic Reiki Master Teacher ES M 1013

At my 1st & 2nd Degree class I didn't know much about Angelic Reiki other than I'd received a couple of wonderful Angelic Reiki healing sessions and I had been guided by the Angels to take part in what I knew would be a divine experience, and one that would take me on a journey that would resonate with me for the rest of my life. The following is an extract from my book 'The Quirky Medium'.
angelic reiki image for levels 1 and 2

I would like to share with you some extracts from my Journal, starting with an Angelic Reiki course early in July, 2011. During the first day we received attunements and initiations direct from the angelic kingdom of light. We learned that we are channels for the beautiful pure angelic healing to be transferred to the recipient and that Angelic Reiki gives us support through the ascension process. During one of our sessions I saw a beautiful lady who wore an iridescent gown of white and pale blue. She went round to each of us in turn and put something small and white into each of our hands. At first I thought they were very small crystals, but they were perfectly round. I described her to our teacher Parveen and I said that in the corner of the room I could see a dragon. I really didn’t want to say this at first in case the rest of the class thought I was mad but the image wouldn’t go away! Parveen told us that the lady I had seen is the ascended master Quan Yin, who is the goddess of compassion and mercy and one of the ‘Lords of Karma’. She is of the pearlescent white ray. She developed the eighth chakra, also associated with the pearl. So the small white objects that Quan Yin had given to us were pearls! Apparently she is often depicted as riding a dragon which is an ancient symbol for wisdom, strength, and divine powers of transformation. Wow doesn’t even begin to cover it! On the second day we did practical sessions of healing on each other and it was truly wonderful. I kept smelling the distinct scent of roses and remember asking Parveen if she was burning rose oil in the oil burner. She said she wasn’t but understood why I could smell roses. She said that she would explain later on. We learned more on the third day about the ascended masters and the information blew my mind. Parveen explained that Lady Nada’s symbol is the pink rose on Atlantis she served as a priestess in the Temple of Love. Imagine how humble I felt in knowing that both Quan Yin and Lady Nada were working with me on my life’s path. I partnered up this morning in the healing session with the only gentleman on the course. I commenced my healing on him but this time we were asked to bring in the energies of the galactic healers of 100% light. Parveen had explained that these beautiful beings of pure light can show themselves to us in any form. They live amongst the stars in the galaxies and although we may not see them, we should be able to feel their powerful energy. I commenced the healing by calling forth my healing angel, who I now know is Leila. I then called on the ascended masters and could see Quan Yin to my right. I could also smell the beautiful scent of roses again, so I knew that Lady Nada was also present. When I called on the presence of the galactic healers I didn’t see or feel anything at first but then all of a sudden I felt a strong shift of energy from my left and took my time turning to see who had joined us. To my utter surprise there was the most beautiful white-winged unicorn shimmering in a bright light, with a golden horn. I questioned this wondering if it was my imagination, but the unicorn turned its head to look at me. I saw his shocking blue eyes so vivid, wise and pure. He seemed to say, “Yes I really am here and it is not your imagination.” He then bowed his head towards me and turned, taking flight and ascending up into the sky. I felt so humble and emotional after experiencing something so beautiful, especially when Parveen confirmed that it was one of the galactic healers showing himself to me in the form of a beautiful winged horse.

  If you wish to become attuned to Angelic Reiki and work towards being a Professional Practitioner

The Angelic Kingdom is your guide to being the channels, the tools of the Hand of the Divine. Part of this knowledge, which we will give to you, is the system which is now know as Angelic Reiki. It is through this system that you will be trained to carry the energy of the Divine Mind. You will feel the very thrill of the Life Force flowing through you into your fellowmen. This life force has the power to change reality, as you know it. It is the blessed Breath of God. By being the channel of this energy, you will allow yourselves, your consciousness, to merge with the Divine.

  If you wish to learn more about Angelic Reiki

Learn more: http://www.angelicreikimagic.com


I received a letter this week from Judy who asked me what is the difference between a Psychic, a Medium, and a Clairvoyant. Please see her question below and my subsequent reply.

  Judy's Letter

when is a medium not a medium article300x250

Dear Alison,

Please help! I am getting a bit confused about the descriptions of people who do readings. Some are Tarot Readers, some call themselves Psychics, others Mediums, and there are also Clairvoyants. More recently I have heard people call themselves empaths or Intuitives. What do all of these mean, and what are the differences between them if any?

Many thanks,

Judy T Miller.

  My Reply

Hola Judy What a very good question! No wonder you are getting confused. So many descriptions! A lot of these titles refer to someone who is psychic. Psychic ability is being able to use all the senses in a natural way without analysing what is happening. For example, someone who is clairvoyant will see clearly, either in meditation or when working with the spirit world. Someone who is clairsentient feel or senses spirit around them and a clairaudient hears spirit. The general meaning of being psychic is someone who is sensitive to non-physical or supernatural nature. I teach Psychic Development classes and to help my students I wrote the spiritual meaning for everything spiritual which I felt would help them determine the difference between, for example, a Medium, and a Psychic Intuitive. As they develop during the course, I can see quite clearly which of them are clairvoyant, or clairsentient and/or clairaudient. With experience on a Psychic Development course, some people can use all these senses in a natural way when communicating with the Spirit World. As a Clairvoyant Medium, this is how I work. The Clairvoyant part of my work involves me being able to ‘see clearly’ through visions and impressions from the ‘brow chakra’ also known as The Third eye which stands for intuition, understanding and mysticism. As a Medium, I can utilise all my senses and abilities as well as communicating with spirit who have passed over to the next world, often giving messages comfort and guidance to their loved ones on the earth plane. All of this combined means that I am psychic. In a nutshell when I am doing platform work or I am doing a 1 to 1 reading, I have to use all my heightened senses and highly developed powers in order to translate the information I receive from the spirit world. This means deciphering the words, feelings, images, sounds, smells, etc that I receive and conveying them to the recipient(s) in a way that will make sense to that person or persons. For more information, please see my article below which explains further. With many blessings, Alison



Channelling is a word that describes anyone who is able to receive messages from higher guidance.


This seems to be a more modern term for someone who is possibly psychic but is also empathic, being able to control these abilities through spiritual protection. They can unfold their empathic abilities into psychic ones connecting with a client at a higher understanding helping them to heal and release.


Everyone has intuition but some people have a stronger intuition or ‘gut feeling’ than others.  As an intuitive you will be able to receive information from spirit through a highly developed intuition.

Tarot card Readers

Tarot card readers often describe themselves as being able to 'see into the future'. The Tarot Cards themselves are a fortune telling tool in which the reader deciphers the pictures on the cards in order to predict certain events in someone's life often working on the past, present and the future. The cards consist of a deck of 78 cards - 4 suits of 14 cards each in the minor arcana and 22 cards in the major arcana.


Telepathy is transmitted information from one mind to another.  It is a way that Mediums can communicate with their spirit guides and the spirit world in general as no words are spoken. Telepathy is a natural form of communication – you only have to look at animals how they sense and know something is about to happen which is often hard for humans to perceive. Telepathy works on a different vibration beyond our natural senses or physical interaction.

Psychic Detective

A psychic detective is someone who helps Police to find missing persons in unsolved crimes by following the clues obtained via their own psychic antennae or through communication with dead missing people.

Rescue Medium

A Rescue Medium is someone who can use all heightened senses which they need to communicate with spirits who have, for whatever reason, resisted going to the light at the point of death. They are usually called in by families whose homes are haunted by spirit(s) who are causing mayhem via unexplained activity/phenomena. As a  Rescue Mediums I need all my wits about me in order to tell the story of the spirit who is stuck between two worlds as well as ‘persuade’ the spirit to walk towards the light to their loved ones on the other side.

Meditations come in many forms. Some people find it easier to follow a guided meditation in a group or class situation. Others prefer to be on their own listening to a guided meditation CD or preferring to go on their own journey within meditation. Whatever you choose, this is your experience and no two meditations are the same even in a group guided meditation.

  1. Find somewhere quiet where you are not going to be disturbed, with no phones ringing, dogs barking, etc.
  2. Put some relaxing music on (low)
  3. Light a couple of candles, aromatherapy oil, and/or some incense. (Remember to look after your safety - do not leave any burning when you are not in the room!)
  4. Either sit upright in a chair with your eyes closed and hands on your knees or lie down with eyes closed (It may be preferable with meditation to sit in a chair as there is less likelihood of you falling asleep!) First of all, you are going to ground or anchor yourself. To do this, imagine roots that look like tree roots, growing from the soles of your feet connecting with mother earth. If you are feeling negative in any way, let those feelings run through you and out into the earth.
  5. The next step is a protective measure, and I want you to imagine a large ball of light over your head (crown chakra). The ball of light descends around your body, wrapping you in a cocoon of beautiful light. If you prefer, you can imagine a deep purple velvet cloak with long sleeves and a hood. Put the cloak on, button it to the top, and put the hood up. You can of course, use your own protective shield. It is entirely up to you which method you use!
  6. You are now ready to start meditating.

The hardest thing to do is to still your mind, which comes with practice. Release any negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations or by learning to quieten your mind.  

  1. Start off by concentrating on your breathing. Inhale two long deep breaths, exhaling slowly and steadily.
  2. Imagine going to a beach, a lovely garden or somewhere familiar to you, where you can relax.
  3. Enjoy your meditation, believe in your ability to quieten your mind, and focus on any images, colours or messages you receive within the meditation.
  4. It is a good idea to write down your meditations in a journal including how you felt, what you saw, sensed, smelled etc. As you look back through your journal you will see how you have gone deeper within your meditations and how you have grown through the experience.
  5. Do not worry if you feel you don't get much to start with. Please, whatever you do, don't give up! Meditating is a wonderful and breathtaking experience. As with everything else, the more you practice, the more rewarding it will be. Just let your mind become free, and open, and more than anything, trust and believe.....

  Positive energy & harmony in the home

Blessing a room is a pivotal part of spiritual work whether you are a teaching or a student. However, you may wish to bless rooms in a house if you are moving to a different property, or if an area in a house feels full of dense energy. By performing an angel blessing ritual the room will feel lighter, full of positive energy and full of harmony.

archangel michael

  Archangel Michael & his legions of light

Stand in the centre of the room you are about to bless & say the following: -   I invoke Archangel Michael and his legions of light to bless this room both day and night. Please protect each person who comes through the door of inhabitants now & those who've come before  .


Smudging with sage helps to drive off negative energies, inviting peace and harmony into the lives of the inhabitants of the home. Although it won't drive off bad spirits per-se', it can help alleviate the denseness of activity for a short while in order for you to organise someone who can perform a spirit rescue. Smudging after the event will help to release any residual energy retained in the room/house.

  I bless this room

Light your 'smudge' stick' with a match until wisps of smoke appear. Go to each corner of the room holding the smudge stick up & allowing the smoke to penetrate the area. Say the following incantation as you go: -   I bless this room with celestial & light, & surround it in rays of the purest white. From here on in its full of peace & all negative energies will now cease. I thank the angels from up above, for bringing their protection & heavenly love  . This room is blessed, so mote it be.

  Ting Sha's

Ting-sha's (Tibetan chimes) are often used in cleansing rituals and for those of you who have never seen them, they look like 2 small cymbals tied at each end of a leather thong or cord. When struck, they create a high vibrational and harmonious sound that helps to dispel negative energy as well as sending a Positive flow of chi throughout the home environment.

  Angels to guard the property

Ask Archangel Michael to place 4 angels outside the home to protect everyone and everything within its walls, beams, roof, window and timber.

  7 Heavenly steps to a harmonious home.

  1. angel room blessingAsk the angels to help you bless the room - call upon Archangel Michael & his legions of light by saying out loud the following incantation   I invoke Archangel Michael and his legions of light to bless this room both day and night. Please protect each person who comes through the door of inhabitants now & those before  .
  2. smudgingSmudge the corners of the room(s) before moving on with the blessing if you want to bring harmony into the home e.g., new house move etc, and both before and after, if a spirit rescue has to be performed. Whilst smudging, say the following   I bless this room with celestial & light, & surround it in rays of the purest white. From here on in its full of peace & all negative energies will now cease. I thank the angels from up above, for bringing their protection & heavenly love. This room is blessed, so mote it be.  
  3. ting sha'sStrike your Ting-Sha's 3 times in each room. If you don't have any ting-sha's clap your hands loudly 3 times in each room which will also help to dissipate stagnant energy.
  4. Open all the windows to release any residual energy & to bring in positive energy & light
  5. four angelsAsk Archangel Michael to place 4 'house angels' on each corner of the property to protect the walls walls, beams, roof, window, floor, timber, and guard all who reside in the home.
  6. crystalUse angelic crystals to radiate healing light and increase the flow of positive energy in the room. Angel Aura Quartz is good for assisting with emotional problems or discord. Celestite will bring celestial love and joy into your home.

Psychic News interviewed me about being a medium, you can find out more below in the article which has been titles 'Spirit Message About Marbles Isn't Crackers'.

I've embedded the article for you below:

Air, is connected to the breath of life, the wind through the trees and dealing with communication and power of the mind. The four elements are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These elements are the root of all matter, and stand for creation itself. Without even one of the elements, our planet would not exist. Throughout ancient, medieval and modern times through many cultures and philosophies, these four elements have been written about in teachings from around the world with tools and artefacts uncovered as proof that these people existed and lived in balance with the knowledge of the elements.

In these ancient times, the four elements were considered the building bricks of the Universe with wise beings of those times seeing themselves as a reflection of the Universe by studying mother nature and the stars using the information they obtained as a method of understanding our Creator, and themselves. Every day we walk upon the earth, Feel every breath we take and the wind in our hair, warm ourselves beside the fire, and wash ourselves in water. Air stands for thought, Fire for desire, Water for emotions, and Earth for stability, and many sayings have derived from this such as ‘Flames of Passion’ – Fire, ‘Solid as a Rock’ – Earth, ‘Cool breeze of reason’ – Air, and ‘Swamped by emotion’ – Water. The element of Air is particularly significant in magic, because just like magic, it cannot be seen. The element of air is very powerful as it provides oxygen for all living beings on earth and its symbol is a pair of wings standing for communication, freedom, mental power and the intellect. The wings are significant in magic as they stand for everything spiritual and the heavenly realms as Angels are depicted with wings. The angels of air are also associated with knowledge, the intellect and understanding the mysteries and they have a way of sweeping away everything old and musty, bringing in sweetness and allowing us to cause spiritual actions and processes. Ask the Angels of Air to give you peace and strength if you require assistance with a past life regression or previous incarnation. The element of air is connected to the soul and powers of the mind, and as such, the Angels of Air will assist in dispelling any negativity from memories of past lives, helping you to bring new ideas to fruition as well as recognising fresh opportunities that come your way. The Angels of Air will also assist with psychometry, hypnosis and astral projection, wrapping you in their loving wings in the process. The Archangel that is associated with the element air is Archangel Raphael who is known as the healer, or the doctor.

  Angel Bells

A beautiful ritual you could carry out in your home is that of the Angel Bells which will welcome the Angels of Air and the elementals of that realm. You will need a set of wind chimes or hanging bells that create a lovely tinkling noise when rung. If possible, try to get them in the shape or form of angels but if this isn't possible any lovely chimes will do. Go with what you are drawn to. Hang them outside your house and ring them gently three times, calling on the Angels of Air to bless your home. Wait for a while after you have hung them and before long, the breeze will take the chimes and ring them in reply. This is a message from the angels to let you know your spell has been heard and answered!

  What is an Earth Angel?

The term Earth Angel was coined by Doreen Virtue from her book Earth Angels. However, although Earth Angels or Light-workers as they are often called have been around for centuries their presence is more heightened in the modern day. Maybe this is because of the massive Universal Cycles of Change that have occurred within the last century. Not to mention the shifts in energy and higher consciousness since the year 2000 where everything has speeded up making many people feel out of control. Step forward, the new order of Earth Angels!

  On a wing and a prayer

Earth Angels are the people who are often overlooked initially choosing to listen to others rather than be the centre of attention themselves. Why is it then, that no matter what is going on in their lives, they will be there in an instant if you need to hear caring and comforting words, advice from the heart, and loving guidance.

  Striking a chord

The Celestial Realms choose their Earth Angels wisely and a strong Guardian Angel is assigned to each. Born to help make the world a better place, the Earth Angels will often be placed in a dysfunctional family and will feel the odd one out until they hear the angels call. A certain event in their life may strike a chord which leads to them understanding their earthly soul purpose. Sounds easy? Well it isn't! the Earth Angel will be the one who has had more obstacles put on their life's path than you have had hot dinners. They are often put upon, bullied, abused or ignored. However, when they hear the angels call, they will be there, to share their light with others finally stepping onto the centre stage and coming into their own.


Emerging from their temporary cocoon and turning into a butterfly, you will see the Earth Angel transform before your very eyes. It may be difficult to comprehend at first that the person before you surrounded by a beautiful glow used to be the brunt of bullying behaviour at school or were so shy they preferred their own company to that of others. As they step out now, onto the centre stage of life they will begin their life's mission and spread their light with others.

  Are you an Earth Angel?

The below list is based on my own life experiences & may help you to find out if you are, in fact, an Earth Angel:

  1. Do you feel other people's emotions as well as your own?
  2. Do you adore animals and want to protect them at all costs?
  3. Are babies and children drawn to you? do they giggle or look past you as if seeing someone right by your side?
  4. Have you ever been bullied, overlooked, blamed for something you haven't done or ignored?
  5. Do you often feel the odd one out?
  6. Do people treat you badly to the point where you feel your heart will break?
  7. Do you hate the sight of blood but want to be there in an instant whenever anyone is hurt?
  8. Do you take other people's problems on board?
  9. Did you have an unhappy or unsettling childhood?
  10. When you speak do people drown your voice with theirs and speak over you?
  11. Do you prefer to listen, rather than speak?
  12. If you could wave a magic wand and make a wish, would you want to heal the world?

If you have read to the end of this list and have tears of recognition in your eyes, or tingles down your back, you are an Earth Angel shine on!


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